Facilite la gestion et la valorisation du bénévolat dans les associations. https://benevalibre.org/
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// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Bootstrap's configuration for the application
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// see: ../../node_modules/bootstrap/scss/_variables.scss
// Color system
// You can generate a color scheme with:
// https://palx.jxnblk.com/
$blue: #007bff;
$indigo: #6610f2;
$purple: #6f42c1;
$pink: #e83e8c;
$red: #dc3545;
$orange: #fd7e14;
$yellow: #ffc107;
$green: #28a745;
$teal: #20c997;
$cyan: #17a2b8;
// Add 'error' as an alternative to 'danger' since it is used by Django.
$theme-colors: (
"error": $red
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