Create and display maps with points in Wagtail
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.PHONY: clean lint format help
PYTHON := venv/bin/python
@echo "Please use 'make <target>' where <target> is one of"
@echo ""
@grep '^[^.#]\+:\s\+.*#' Makefile | \
sed "s/\(.\+\):\s*\(.*\) #\s*\(.*\)/`printf "\033[93m"` \1`printf "\033[0m"` \3 [\2]/" | \
expand -35
@echo ""
@echo "Check the Makefile to know exactly what each target is doing."
clean: # Remove all builds and Python artifacts
find wagtail_maps tests \
\( -name '*.py[co]' -o -name '__pycache__' \) -exec rm -rf {} +
rm -rf build dist .eggs *.egg-info
test: # Run tests quickly with the current Python
$(PYTHON) -m pytest
test-wip: # Run tests marked as wip with the current Python
$(PYTHON) -m pytest -vv -m 'wip' --pdb
test-all: # Run tests on every Python, Django and Wagtail versions
coverage: # Check code coverage quickly with the current Python
$(PYTHON) -m coverage run -m pytest
$(PYTHON) -m coverage report -m
$(PYTHON) -m coverage html
@echo open htmlcov/index.html
lint: # Check the Python code syntax and style
$(PYTHON) -m flake8 wagtail_maps tests
format: # Fix the Python code syntax and imports order
$(PYTHON) -m isort wagtail_maps tests
$(PYTHON) -m black wagtail_maps tests
release: dist # Package and upload a release
twine upload dist/*
dist: clean # Build source and wheel package
$(PYTHON) sdist
$(PYTHON) bdist_wheel
ls -l dist
Map all the world