Embed peertube videos into wagtail.
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Embed peertube videos into wagtail.

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Wagtail has a great support of Oembed, for embedding content. Unfortunately the Oembed mecanism is based on services domain names and URI; and this is prone to centralization since it limits to a short list of selected providers.

By the way, currently there is for now more than 300 instances and it will probably grow with years. See e.g. https://instances.joinpeertube.org

This app bring Oembed support for decentralized peertube instances.

To do this we only focus on a string URI filtering, allowing all services from any domain name.



You will need wagtail.embeds which is part of Wagtail’s core modules.

Pip installation

$ pip install wagtailembedpeertube


Add the app to your project

You have to add wagtailembedpeertube anywhere after wagtail.embeds in your project settings.

Configure embeds finders

You have to declare the peertube finder in your project settings, so Wagtail will make use of it.

        'class': 'wagtail.embeds.finders.oembed',
        'class': 'wagtailembedpeertube.finders',

Since the first matching finder will be used, you should declare wagtailembedpeertube as last because others finders are matching domain names and may be more precise.

See Configuring embed “finders” for more informations.


That’s it! You should now be able to embed any peertube content using the EmbedBlock:

from wagtail.embeds.blocks import EmbedBlock

class MyStreamField(blocks.StreamBlock):

    embed = EmbedBlock()


wagtailembedpeertube is developed by Cliss XXI and licensed under the AGPLv3+.